Our Central Location Tests

These are the tests that are held at a centrally located place.

A hall-test is typically a face-to-face interview conducted at a venue ( Household, Hotel, etc) or special venues(Convention centre, Lab, etc.) . If you need to measure, evaluate the consumer perception for a concept or product’s properties, to test an ad or ad concept, or measure brand image, a hall-test is one of the most effective ways to do so.

Below you see the list of countries where we are available to conduct tracking studies:

MRP-EURASIA conducts hall tests in their state-of-the-art in representative countries offices (testing laboratories). Sometimes, Hall tests are conducted in special venues ( at large Multiplexes or malls) to enable a relatively large number of respondents to see and test the products under study. Respondents are screened and recruited from high streets adjacent to the venues.

Testing Laboratory

A specially equipped facility built to conduct field work stages of quantitative and qualititative directly at target audience high-traffic location.
The laboratory allows us to carry out both standard and specialized research projects such as tastings and other organoleptic tests.
Our testing laboratories operate at each of the 33 local offices throughout Eastern Europe, Central Asia and in the former Soviet Union..

Our testing laboratories methodologies:

  • In-deph interviews
  • FGDs (focus group discussions)
  • Concept, product, price, package and name tests
  • Organoleptic Tests
  • Sensory panel (analyzing the taste properties of products)
  • Intercept interviews (face-to –face interview with respondents recruited in locations with high TA traffic )
  • Shop-along research (accompanied shopping)

Laboratories locations

Specially equipped room, divided into 5-6 isolated test areas located in the central part of the capital at a distance of no more than 200-300 meters from a large shopping center (with traffic at least 500 people per minute through the perimeter of laboratory at the city boardwalk). In addition, 60% of our local offices have outreach testing labs, installed on the basis of 20-seat vans, equipped for rapid deployment of mobile test tools at any remote location in the country.

Laboratories Equipment

The testing zone has 5-6 PC-equipped desks and 3 glass tasting booths. The booths are made of easy-to-clean odor-resistant material; each testing booth has its own sample distribution window and individual drinking water tap.
In addition to the testing booth amenities the entire testing zone has uniform illumination. Air conditioners with activated carbon air filter guarantees a constant, controlled air temperature throughout the facility.
The kitchen zone has everything necessary to cook and reheat food products, as well as refrigerators for sample storage, freezers, microwaves, electric ranges and running water, while the Client Lounge provides FG discussion observation opportunities (one-way mirror) and optional video streaming to client PCs.  

Our CLT geography

Contact us for more information on CLT services or you can mail us directly at info@mrp-eurasia.com